Haunted Key West Walking Tour

Haunted Key West Walking Tour

Take a lantern-led evening stroll down historic Old Town's shadowy lanes and discover the ghosts, ghouls, and legends of this haunted island paradise.

As Florida's second oldest city and home to a history of pirates, wreckers, smugglers and a variety of colorful characters, Key West's official city motto of "one human family" is but another example of the city's well-known reputation as a community.

Nightly tours provide you with the documented facts and first-hand stories of Key West's most infamous haunted locations and tales.

Come explore, see for yourself and catch a glimpse of the haunted history that awaits you here on bone island...

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Tour/Activity Details


90 minutes


8:00 pm & 9:00 pm daily (Early September through October)

8:00 pm Sunday through Thursday
8:30 am Friday & Saturday (November through February)

8:30 pm & 9:30 pm daily (March to Early September)

This Tour Does Not Include Hotel Pick-Up. The departure location on Greene Street will be specified on your E-Ticket. Please order online or call to order or for more information.


Tour Highlights

Robert the Doll: Customer's House & East Martello Museum - The infamous Robert the Doll is prominently featured on this tour. East Martello Museum is Robert's permanent home where he sits on display for those who dare to visit. Robert was said to have been given to his owner by a Bahamian girl whose exact relation to the family remains a mystery. Many believe the girl was the daughter of ill-treated servants of the family. Speculation as to his creation include that the doll contains a crystal or was made much like a voodoo doll, thereby creating his evil entity. Whatever his method of creation, Robert is possessed and his ongoing activities continue to be reported.

One of Robert's favorite activities is to prevent his photo from being taken. Visitors have reported a variety of camera malfunctions and Robert's favorite trick is to black out his own photo, while leaving the remaining film unharmed. He frequently creates electric and electronic fluctuations and has been said to move his toy lion from one knee to the other and to tap on his glass display case.

Banyan Resort - Known by most visitors and locals for its immense namesake Banyan Trees. The Banyan is a species of ficus with massive roots that grown mainly above ground, dropping down to eventually form supporting trunks for the tree to spread. These enormous roots cascade down from the trees, creating an eerie appearance and are a favorite photo location for most tourists. To add to its eerie appearance, the Banyan Resort is also a haunted location. The spirit haunting the Banyan is thought to be that of Mr. Cosgrove, a former owner of the home.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church - This church is home to the legendary Sea Captain's grave. His is one of several graves located in the small cemetery behind the church and is a nightly stop on this ghost tour. No doubt partially due to its location, this cemetery has been the subject of many reported sightings and other paranormal happenings.

Old Town Manor - Formerly known as Eaton Lodge, this was the home of Dr. Warren. At the time he was the island's only surgeon and many procedures were performed here in the 1850's.

Marrero's Guest Mansion - This mansion is haunted by the spirit of Enriquetta Marerro. This beautifully restored mansion serves as a guesthouse but still bears its original family name. Taken from her life, Enriquetta refuses to give up her home in death. Following a bitter court battle that ended in 1891, Enriquetta and her eight children were evicted. A small crowd gathered in front of the home to witness her eviction. She addressed the crowd and said, "You are all witnessing a great injustice today. And though you are removing me from my home, you should know that this house is rightfully mine, and with God as my witness I will always remain here in spirit." She has remained true to her word. Enriquetta appears in apparition form more frequently than any other spirit on this tour and is said to travel through the former doorways between her bedroom and those of her children - particularly into the room reported to have been her nursery. Those doorways and their frames are still visible in the house today.

Captain Tony's Saloon - The oldest bar in the state of Florida and the site of the original Sloppy Joe's Bar from 1933 to 1937, Captain Tony's Saloon served not only as a bar, but also as an icehouse and the city morgue from 1852 to 1875. There's a hanging tree that grows through the bar and Elvira's tombstone is an authentic artifact left untouched after uncovering the bones of sixteen bodies while laying the foundation.

Crown Plaza La Concha Hotel - One of the many haunted locations on this tour. Built in 1926, the La Concha is home to a significant amount of paranormal activity.

Tour does not operate on Thanksgiving, December 24, 25 or 31.

This Tour Does Not Include Hotel Pick-Up. The departure location on Greene Street will be specified on your E-Ticket. Please order online or call to order or for more information.

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